A paperless office is not only great for business – it is amazing for the environment. 

Albany Court Reporting has been GREEN and paperless for years.  Here's just a few of the ways we've gone GREEN:

  • All reporters have been submitting their transcripts to us via e-mail since the late '90s;
  • All job requests from clients are placed on our online calendar and e-mailed to both the reporter and the client;
  • Website with robust online scheduling form;
  • One of the first agencies to use e-Transcript, using it  since its inception in the late '90s;

Our goal now is to have you, our client, go green with us.   While we will gladly print you hard copies if it's your preference, we offer you the opportunity to Go Paperless and choose one of the following options for your transcript delivery:Electronic

Transcript Options:

  • Adobe ® or PDF File

A PDF (portable document format) file is essentially a scanned image of a photo, graph or page of text.  A PDF allows you to view a document online the same as it looks in print (as opposed to an ASCII file which does not hold formats such as page and line numbers, bolded text, etc.)   PDF files are viewable, searchable and printable from virtually any platform — Apple ® Mac, Microsoft Windows ®, etc.  Exhibits can be linked to the PDF transcript for easy viewing.  Anywhere there is a reference to an exhibit within the transcript, just click on the yellow highlight referencing the exhibit and it will bring the document up on the screen.  
Adobe Reader is required.  This is a free one-time download.

  • ASCII File

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a “raw” transcript—a text-only file that must be formatted.  ASCII files are commonly loaded to software programs such as Summation or LiveNote.  Since ASCIIs are always used electronically, all ASCII files are delivered electronically versus via CD-Rom .

  • RealLegal E-Transcript ® 

E-Transcript files are the most feature-rich format, providing the widest range of compatibility.  Unlike other formats, E-Transcript files are compatible with Westlaw Case Notebook and other popular litigation software.  E-Transcript files will not open in any other software program. However, once open utilizing E-Transcript Viewer,  a free one-time download, you can export transcripts to ASCII, PDF, as well as other file types.  E-Transcript contains a hyperlinked word index. Click on any word in its word index to be instantly taken to pages where it appears. Your E-Transcript is completely text-searchable with many printing options, including the ability to print your own condensed transcript including a word index.  Scanned exhibits may be “bundled” with your E-Transcript. Hyperlinks will connect exhibit names and references to the scanned exhibits. The hyperlinks will show up as underlined text. Simply clicking on Exhibit 5, for example, will cause that exhibit to open and display onscreen.

Exhibit Options

  • Digital/Scanned Exhibits

Digital exhibits are paper exhibits that have been scanned into a computer.  The standard file format is PDF.

  • Hyperlinked Exhibits

Digital exhibits can be hyperlinked to an E-transcript and/or PDF, allowing you to view both the transcript and exhibits on your computer.


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